Bedroom Role-Play Ideas – Blind Date

Bedroom Role-Play Ideas

A Fantasy Friday Bedroom Role-Play Idea

What better way to introduce ourselves to role-play than on a blind date.  Any awkward manners can be disguised in the nature of the blind date.  We met each other at a fancy restaurant dressed as Jon and Maria.  We got to know what our new date is all about while talking over dinner.  While we waited for our meal, we played some conversation games to break the ice and make it fun.  Our character choice was a fun way to create our own take on a fantasy role. 

Your role could be someone you may admire to be.  Or just want to experience for a night.  When you create your own role, it is more likely to have a version of yourself included.  And that’s good.  “Role-play is more enjoyable when the roles are experienced and not performed” Think of your role as yourself in a different existence.

Why Our Blind Date Was So Fun

For many, a fantasy role-play may not lead to the amazing sex that you’ve imagined beforehand.  It’s important to realize that fantasies are usually more exciting in your head. But that’s ok.  The magic of this fantasy is that you will both be experiencing and sharing something new together.  A sexy secret rendezvous that you have promised each other to be present for.  And that creates an emotional connection.  The anticipation of meeting your date is pleasurable to share with each other.  So take advantage of the time prior to your date to enjoy the perks of sharing the excitement.  The blind date is a fresh way to get into the act of role-playing.  Together on the same page, you will experience what it’s like to improvise a role and flirt with your lover like it’s the first date.  Depending on your enjoyment of your first date.  You can continue the relationship as an “on the side” fantasy relationship.  Or you can leave the characters from Blind Date with the first date only.

Insider’s Advice

Questions like, “Who will I be?” and “What will I say?” are pretty good reasons why people shy away from role-playing scenarios.  That’s where we come in.  By joining our newsletter, you will have plenty of guidance and suggestions to help you along the way.  So don’t sweat the details because we already have for you.  The after-dinner activities are up to you to plan.

How It Works

Once you have both sent your FantasEcard, it’s time to plan your FANTASY WEEKEND.

  • Book a hotel of your choice.  Suite rooms are much more accommodating for role play.  The additional furniture and extra space are much more fun to use than a room with a bed in it.
  • Make dinner reservations to a nice restaurant.  Try to make sure you pick a spot where you will be comfortable talking and dressing unrecognizable.  You don’t want to be having a blind date with your partner while someone you know is there too.  So choose a comfortable place where you won’t be recognizable.
  • Plan your outfits.  A thrift store or online shopping are good places to find a new outfit for your fantasy role.  And don’t forget to wear sexy lingerie under that dress.
  • Plan your backstory.  Think about what you will tell your date about yourself and what stories you will tell.  If you are not a good improviser, write out your character details and you will be less nervous.
  • what you do after dinner is entirely up to you.  Continue the night out on the town together, or go straight back to your fantasy suite.

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