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Cosplay Wigs For Bedroom Role-Play

Role-Play Wigs

Wigs have come a very long way over the last 20 years. Gone are the days shopping the local costume store for those super shiny, fake-looking plastic wigs we all remember buying for our Halloween costumes. Today’s wig shopper has an overwhelming selection of suppliers, wig designs and materials to choose from. Wigs have quickly […]

How To Bring Fantasy Into Your Relationship

How To Bring Fantasy Into Your Relationship

One of the most interesting aspects of inhibition is that it can cause us to conceal certain aspects of our true natures from others. In the course of doing this, we may succeed in hiding these aspects from ourselves. – Veronica Pond, Sexual Role Play: A Gentle Guide To The Erotic Art Our sexual preferences […]

Bedroom Role-Play Ideas – Blind Date

Role-Play Scenario

A Fantasy Friday Bedroom Role-Play Idea What better way to introduce ourselves to role-play than on a blind date.  Any awkward manners can be disguised in the nature of the blind date.  We met each other at a fancy restaurant dressed as Jon and Maria.  We got to know what our new date is all […]

8 Books That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

Books For Improving Your Sex Life

Are you thinking about spicing up your bedroom activities? We’ve got you un-covered. Here’s a list of 8 great books that we own and encourage you to enjoy reading as well. What I like about these books is that they are great to read alone and even better to read together. Spending time in bed […]

#FantasyFeature – Dreamgirl After School Special Dress

Sexual role-play fantasy

Schoolgirl fantasies are popular for many good reasons.  They offer an element of taboo and risk which is exciting.  The role of the schoolgirl can be submissive, or it can be dominating.  The outfits are flirty, playful and inspire youthful lust.  For many of us, schoolgirl fantasies stimulate our curiosity and arouse our inhibitions like […]

#FANTASYFeature – The Fantasy Method Kindle Edition

The Fantasy Method

Welcome to our weekly feature of all things FANTASY.   Normally, most competitors of similar products wouldn’t promote each other to their audience.  But hey, this is good stuff too and we don’t mind sharing it because we think it’s awesome too! The Fantasy Method: How To Discover Your Authentic Sexual Desires and Create a Fulfilling Sex […]