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How To Bring Fantasy Into Your Relationship

How To Bring Fantasy Into Your Relationship

One of the most interesting aspects of inhibition is that it can cause us to conceal certain aspects of our true natures from others. In the course of doing this, we may succeed in hiding these aspects from ourselves. – Veronica Pond, Sexual Role Play: A Gentle Guide To The Erotic Art Our sexual preferences […]

Rekindle Passion With Bedroom Role-Play

It can happen to any relationship.  Eventually, things fall into a routine.  We get predictable and lose the mystery and magic that makes our hair tingle and our heart race.  That’s OK.  It has to happen.  Every day can’t be magic.  Sadly tho, what many couples report is, the magic has left entirely. And boring […]

#FANTASYFeature – The Fantasy Method Kindle Edition

The Fantasy Method

Welcome to our weekly feature of all things FANTASY.   Normally, most competitors of similar products wouldn’t promote each other to their audience.  But hey, this is good stuff too and we don’t mind sharing it because we think it’s awesome too! The Fantasy Method: How To Discover Your Authentic Sexual Desires and Create a Fulfilling Sex […]

10 Benefits of Role-Play And Fantasy Sex

Benifits of Role-Play And Fantasy Sex

Improves Communication Renews Intimacy Deters Infidelity Helps With Climax Solidifies Connection Stops Nagging Relieves Sexual Frustration Helps With Premature Ejaculation Solves Routine Improves Self Confidence Why Role-play? It happens in any relationship. Eventually, our love lives fall into a routine, and the magical mystery that once made you tingle when you were together has faded […]

Sexy Role-Play Ideas For Beginners

Exposing your deepest sexual desires to your significant other can be risky business. Your partner may interpret your desires as wanting to be intimate with someone other than themselves. Some people could take offence to your wishes or get put off and feel sexually inadequate.  The first rule to creating a sexual fantasy dialogue with […]