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Rekindle Passion With Bedroom Role-Play

It can happen to any relationship.  Eventually, things fall into a routine.  We get predictable and lose the mystery and magic that makes our hair tingle and our heart race.  That’s OK.  It has to happen.  Every day can’t be magic.  Sadly tho, what many couples report is, the magic has left entirely. And boring […]

#FantasyFeature – The New Sex Bible by Dr. Jessica O’Reilly

The New Bible By Dr. Jessica O'Reilly PHD

Desire is fundamental to hot sex.  Without it, sex is a mere act as opposed to an experience.  When you are teeming with desire and drunk with lust, your senses are heightened and your orgasmic response intensified. – Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Chapter 2 Desire And Seduction The New Guide To Sensual Love Canada’s most trusted […]