#FantasyFeature – Dreamgirl After School Special Dress

Schoolgirl fantasies are popular for many good reasons.  They offer an element of taboo and risk which is exciting.  The role of the schoolgirl can be submissive, or it can be dominating.  The outfits are flirty, playful and inspire youthful lust.  For many of us, schoolgirl fantasies stimulate our curiosity and arouse our inhibitions like no other.

This week’s feature item is the Dreamgirl After School Special Dress.  It comes with the plaid mini skirt, matching bra, uniform top, and necktie. The bra shape is a bit flat, and the necktie is cheap.  But the uniform top, however, is very sexy.  Shopping for schoolgirl lingerie can get overwhelming pretty fast.  There are literally thousands of costumes to choose from.  We think this one stands out from the crowd nicely and it is a regular choice at home.

Do you have a favorite schoolgirl outfit that you love?  Share it with us; we love hearing from our Fantasy Fans.

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