How To Build Communication Skills Using Role-Play Fantasies

Communication builds happiness and connection

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Communication is key for the success of any relationship; family, business, or love relationships. One of the important factors in facilitating a good communication in relationships across the board is openness and honesty. Listening is the other important aspect of good and effective communication. However, good communication is not always easy to achieve in most relationships, especially between couples. All love relationships struggle with communication issues at some point. Sharing your inner sexual fantasies or inner emotions or desires that make you feel vulnerable is generally hard for most people. And that’s why most couples need to learn one simple trick to help them communicate better especially in the bedroom, role play.

Many therapists have successfully used role-play as a tool to help their patients open up and create a perspective where apprehensive people can communicate effectively during therapy sessions. The effects of role-playing in family and couples’ therapy are simply groundbreaking and many people find it easier to share sensitive information about themselves when acting it out. Role-play in the bedroom takes a totally different route altogether and it opens up your communication is other more intimate ways… deeply personal ways. This is where sexual secrets and fantasies take center stage.

So how does role play help couples improve their communication?

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As pointed out earlier, confessing your sexual fantasies to your partner doesn’t come easy for most people. There are certain out-of-this-world “things” or “scenarios” or “actions” that arouse us sexually, but that might come off as weird or raise eyebrows on our partners (or so we think…) and this makes it very difficult to open up about such sexual secrets. How many times do couples struggle with the idea of letting their partners know what really gets them off in the bedroom? 95% of the time we end up deciding to just keep everything bottled in and save ourselves the “embarrassment”. Role-play can help turn things around and open up better communication in the bedroom.

“The quite nurse and the deviously dirty patient”, “The judge and the irresistibly sexy prosecutor”, “The therapist and the sexually starved dame”… the ideas are virtually endless. The main thing here is to create a scenario with a positive back and forth exchange which is directed at solving a particular problem… a sexual problem in this case. It becomes easier to talk about your own sexual secrets when you step out of your own skin mentally. And this is where the new dimension of trust comes in.

Now that your partner has knowledge of, understands, accepts, and knows how to respond to your “sexual flaws”, a new level of trust is built between the two of you. You now feel like you can tell each other anything and that you can trust each other with anything, and it’s true.

A Better Sex Life

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The open communication that comes as a result of role-playing helps spice up things in the bedroom tremendously! Everyone is different and we have different arousal points or other personal factors. We might get away or make do with conventional moves in the bedroom but let’s face, we all need our “sexual high” sometimes. Sometimes so much that we end up cheating because we don’t know how to tell our partners that we like it “50 Shades of Grey”!

This is, of course, a no brainer… the results are always nothing short of awesome when you can really get into role play, and successfully carry that through your bedroom escapades. Role-play opens up better bedroom communication, and you can say goodbye and good riddance to boring sex. You’ll find that things get heated up in the bedroom once you become comfortable in your own skin, and in your own fantasies.

Improved Overall Communication

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In addition to the newly found trust and over the moon bedroom gymnastics, role play also plays a big part in opening up your overall communication. Since you can now share “embarrassing” personal things and situations concerning your bedroom matters, it becomes totally easy to talk about virtually everything else!

Exploring role play definitely has to begin with discussions where ground rules are laid. Much of this talk includes likes and dislikes that each couple has; especially in the bedroom. However, it is important to note at this point that role-play can be used successfully by couples in other places outside the bedroom… or during Halloween.

You can play “The spoilt kid and the health-freak mum” when deciding on dinner, or play “The IRS accountant vs the overwhelmed citizen” to make those hours spent sorting bills less boring. The only limit to how far you can switch it up and mix it up with role-play is your imagination.

All in all, role-play helps you communicate openly while sharing honest and personal information that many would otherwise not share freely. This open communication brought about by successful role-play helps you to not only spruce up your bedroom affairs but also improve your romantic relationship in general. Now you trust each other more, and you learn to genuinely respect each other’s inner feelings, sexual desires and emotional connections in a totally different light.

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