How To Rekindle Sexual Intimacy

Sexual Intimacy For Couples

It can happen to any relationship.  Eventually, things fall into a routine.  We get predictable and lose the mystery and magic that make your hairs tingle and your heart race.  That’s OK.  It has to happen.  Every day can’t be magic.  Sadly tho, what many couples report is, the magic has left entirely. And boring sex is the most repeated complaint.  

Everyone wants the magic back.  That thrill of a first kiss.  The early touches with a mysterious person you are flirting with.  What most couples don’t realize is that the largest sex organ in our bodies is our MIND.  Those early sparks you had with your partner before you got physical were so powerful. That’s because they were mental connections (as well as physical).  Fantasy Weekends is here to help reveal to you some magic tricks you might not have tried yet.

Sexual Intimacy for Couples - fantasy sex

Get ready for a new stage of growth in your relationship.  Communicating your sexual desires to your partner may sound frightening, or it may sound exciting. Either way, Fantasy Weekends offers a unique way to break the ice and make your explorations fun and creative and emotionally connected. We all tend to have different fantasies.  Some generally fantasize about romance and connection, while the other’s fantasies are more explicit and seductive.  These role-play scenarios are here to help combine and calibrate one another’s sexual AND emotional desires.

Fantasy Weekends - Fantasy Fridays

Using this generalization, Fantasy Fridays are focused on romance, connection, and mystery. While Seduction Saturdays are a series of tempting encounters between a wealthy client “Jon Lover” and his call girls.  Each Fantasy scenario is written to involve the physical attraction between you and your partner and an emotional connection as well.  

Role-Play Scenario

We take you on a journey of chance encounters, spontaneous role-play as well as planned foreplay.  Everyone fantasizes but no one knows how to bring it into the open or be supportive about it.  Just download one of our scripts and play out a fantasy to see what level of arousal you experienced.  Then fill out the post-event survey and share your results with your partner.  Together you will learn what roles and scenarios best suit you as a couple.  

Fantasy Weekends builds intimacy

For us, this Halloween date night was the secret love potion that awakens all the right chemistry. A cocktail of dopamine, serotonin and many other “feel good” hormones. It wasn’t just our sex life that deepened with satisfaction.   Communication, understanding, bonded trust and mutual connection are all side effects of couple’s role-play that carried over into our personal relationship too.

Fantasy Scenarios

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