Is Fantasy Good for Couples?

Fantasy isn’t just for kids who pretend they’re doctors or authorities in some make-believe scenario.  By enacting what they are visualizing, a young 5yr old Dr. will get to enjoy the satisfaction of saving her patient’s life. As a developing young mind, her psyche continues to develop having experienced possibilities that would not have reached her in her normal existence. What is so easily seen as child’s play and make-belief, is actually a deeply rooted tool for developing and evolving as human beings. By allowing herself to enjoy the possibilities of something otherwise unattainable, she is free to evolve forward from the experience and be more prepared to handle those possibilities of success in real life. Without fantasy and role play as part of our developing young minds, we would not nearly be as capable of bettering our lives and evolving forward.

Adult Fantasy perscription for fantasy and role-play

As an adult, fantasy and role play is commonly used in therapy. An individual may use role play in therapy to find confidence in themselves. Some people with a traumatic experience may use role play and fantasy to help them move beyond a physiological blockage that may be stopping them from moving forward in life. Role-play has groundbreaking effects on family and couples therapy. Members who use role play to gain insight into themselves and others, learn to be more sensitive to the positions of others and experience perspective and sensitivity.

sexual dysfunction

Couples who are in need of relationship or communication skills can use role-play as a therapeutic tool to evolve the relationship. Most couples relationships, however, are not dysfunctional enough to warrant a session of role-play and therapy. But what so many couples can relate to is sexual dysfunction. Routine and predictable behaviour can dig a sexual rut in the path to lover’s bliss. Many problems can arrive between lovers who are stuck in a rut. Lack of sexual desire, embarrassment, trouble climaxing, disconnection, and predictable routine are all symptoms of an unspoken lack of intimate communication and understanding. When a couple is able to share a sexual fantasy together, new dimensions of trust and connection evolve from communicating our most private selves.

Why Fantasy Is Important


Fantasy is more than just role-playing, dressing up in costume and pretending to be something else while in bed. It requires understanding and emotional support to be successful. Couples who can experiment with sexual role-play as a sex toy to share between them will gain insight into their sexual selves and relationship as a couple. The fictional roles and scenarios can erase the habitual routines of our predictable foreplay, and the gates of our imagination can be opened. When couples engage their brains and playout or talk about fantasies, their minds are getting aroused just as much as their genitals, resulting in a stronger orgasm. This is where and how the satisfaction in each other finally blooms.

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– It’s a way to get closer together and reconnect in the bedroom. But it also connects your relationship to a stronger, more intimate level, making your lover a more trusted and satisfying partner since it’s part of what sexual fantasy is all about. It allows you to be vocal about what you want and how you want while roleplaying and adding some fantasy to the mix-

We have sexual fantasy encounters all the time and don’t even realize it. When you send a sext to your partner, flirt with them in an email, or talk dirty to them, you’re engaging in a sexual fantasy with them. Sexual fantasy can be anything that amplifies one’s arousal and can enhance orgasm for either partner. Despite what many think, our brains are actually a huge sexual organ and can make all the difference when climaxing.  Not many of us refer to the mind as a sexual organ.  Consequently, we purely rely on our genitals for stimulation.  And pay no attention to developing a sexual imagination together.

Date night fantasy

But when we use our brains for sexual fantasies, we’re experimenting with various sexual experiences in a safe manner. It allows couples to talk about what type of sexual encounters they’d like to have, even if it never becomes a reality. Women are great at stimulating their brain sexually to increase the chances of orgasm since sometimes pure physical stimulation alone can’t allow them to reach climax. A sexual thought or fantasy can enhance one’s sexually aroused state and improve their sexual encounter with their partner.

When a new relationship exits the honeymoon phase, sex can become routine and boring, especially after you’ve been with the same person for years. Sex isn’t the same and can often become a chore, which is where fantasy helps spice things up. One must think of new ways to get that seductive excitement back and role-playing, a new position and new toys can definitely do the trick.

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