Role-Play Scenario – Blind Date



Role-Play Scenario

What better way to introduce yourself to role-play than on a blind date.  Any awkward manners can be disguised in the nature of the blind date.  Meet your partner at an unfamiliar restaurant dressed as a fictional date. Your character choice is a fun way to create your take on a fantasy persona.  Someone you may admire to be.  Or just want to be for a night. Or something completely surprising.

The anticipation of meeting your date will be an emotional connection that is pleasurable to share with each other.  So take advantage of the time prior to your date to enjoy the perks of sharing an excitement.  Leaving small love notes, or surprise gifts add fun to the mix.  Adding an hour of activity together for personal improvement not only connects you physically day-to-day, staying committed to the plan is an emotional connection at the same time.

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