Role-play Ideas For The Bedroom Role-Play Scenarios

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Bedroom Role-play

Fantasy and role-play sex is an increasingly popular subject with married couples and relationship intimacy.  For many of us in long term relationships, seeking new ways to explore sexual connections together is trending.  Role-play ideas for the bedroom included.

Podcasts like Sex With Emily and Sex With Dr. Jess are growing in numbers as more and more couples are tuning in to some fresh advice on relationships and intimacy.  Youtube channels abound with coaches or couples sharing their knowledge of better sex and relationships.  And not to mention the vast selection of blogs and websites like Kinkly, dedicated to sex talk.  With all of this sex-positive media available, we are freer than ever to upgrade our sexual vocabulary and bedroom skills.

And a powerful way to increase your emotional and sexual capabilities is by role-playing.  The power of role-playing comes from its journey. And not so much it’s ending. It’s the shared effort and novel sort of teamwork that engages you, which supports emotional intimacy.  For some, role-play is not so easy at first.  There are 101+ blog posts that suggest role-play ideas for the bedroom.  Ideas are great and all.  There are plenty to choose from.  But how about not just a great idea, but also a great product to help you role-play well.

Here’s A List Of Great Role-Play Ideas (and Products) For The Bedroom

Bedroom Role-Play
  •  –  $24.95 CAD average price for a scenario. A nice selection of role-play scenarios downloaded instantly to your device.  These scenarios are jam-packed with extensive dialogue and scripts.  Well written and planned out scenes to play with fantasy and lingerie. Purchase erotic costume lingerie directly through their store. 
  •  –  Ranging from $39.00-66.00 CAD per box. Using the ever-popular subscription box platform, you’ll receive an elegant box complete with role card, lingerie, sex toy, and other surprises.  Just open the box and complete the scene.  It’s that easy.  Hosting rave reviews and a growing fan base, this product is sure to be a pleasant surprise.
  •  –  Free download PDF.  Book a hotel suite for 2 nights and spend the whole weekend together.  It can be a staycation or is can be on vacation too.  This weekend package contains 2 date night plans which couples will carry out together in their fantasy hotel suite.
  • – iPhone app for couples.
  • Do you know any others?  Leave a comment below and I will update the list.

Top 5 Bedroom Role-Play Ideas You’ll Both Love

  • Escort Service – Escorts are well-known for being sexually experienced, accommodating, confident and forward. This makes them an ideal choice for fulfilling sexual favors without all the dynamics of a built-up relationship. The fantasy of having a sexual expert fulfill your desires is one of the most common role-plays. It allows both players to escape their normal routine and enter into an erotic state of sexual confidence. The opportunities for foreplay activities are unlimited. Take your paid escort out for dinner in a fancy restaurant or on an evening date to extend your role-play scenario beyond the bedroom.
  • Employer And Maid
  • Teacher And Student
  • Personal Tailor

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