Sexy Role-Play Ideas For Beginners

Exposing your deepest sexual desires to your significant other can be risky business.

Your partner may interpret your desires as wanting to be intimate with someone other than themselves. Some people could take offence to your wishes or get put off and feel sexually inadequate.  The first rule to creating a sexual fantasy dialogue with your partner is to take it slow. You want your ideas to surface, not erupt. If you haven’t already talked openly with your partner about your sexual fantasies and desires, we suggest you start by dropping some hints. Make a comment when you’re watching a sex scene on TV. Bring up the topic in a general fashion and ask their opinion about it. Confess some of your fantasies in a light-hearted manner.  Instead of jumping straight into sexual fantasy the invitation begins as a romantic date weekend getaway.  We suggest Halloween as a excellent date for beginners.  Anytime is also perfectly acceptable. Once there is open communication about role play fantasies, you can make an invitation to join you on a fantasy weekend.

Pick out one of the FantasEcards and send it to them. Couples can experience a fun story line package to help bring role play into your romantic life. This way the fantasies are neutral ground and both of you can enjoy them without any pressure of fulfilling expectations. Together you will explore the world of role-play and decide together where your mutual arousal lies. That’s where the magic happens. Once you have tried out a few fantasies, you will both be more comfortable in fulfilling each other’s personal fantasy.

By learning to communicate your own personal sexual desires with your partner and then act them out as a mutually arousing experience, you will have gained access to a magic bond that can redefine your sex and romantic life together.  Suite Fantasies can be your source for inspiration and guidance.  We will continue to develop new Ecards for couples to flirt and invite and share.  Our Facebook page is full of shared information and helpful suggestions.  Our blog articles, shared news, tips and tricks, and shopping suggestions will keep you informed and inspired.  We hope to be a community of support amongst our followers of sexual fantasy and role-play for couples.

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