Shopping For Role-Play Lingerie

To be completely honest with you. I bought a lot of lingerie for my first Fantasy Weekend.  It wasn’t exactly necessary, but It did bring a lot more to the relationship than just pre-sex attire. For example, buying lingerie allowed me to give her surprise gifts. Something most women love. A small gift bag, a handwritten love note, and some new panties are one of the many ways lingerie helped us connect. Fantasy lingerie is popular for a good reason. Males are visually dominant when it comes to sex and arousal. A sneak peek of her panties or a teasing outfit lights up a man’s brain the same way a woman does when she feels an emotional connection. For that reason, lingerie can be your ticket to horny-ville. 

The seductive qualities of fantasy lingerie are more than just looks.

Fantasy Lingerie

The way the material feels against the skin adds sensuality and can be an aphrodisiac in itself. With an unlimited number of styles and outfits to choose from, the possibilities for choosing your favourite type are endless. This allows you and your lover to explore different outfits and see what feels and looks the best for you. Having a variety of lingerie will remove you from the ordinary, predictable routine, and bring you to the realm of new possibilities and imaginative play. From role-play outfits to a flirty bra and panty sets, sexy lingerie is the key to unlocking or developing a shared fantasy.

Many of you may be thinking that buying lingerie is an expensive luxury for the wealthy. My shopping experience, however, has taught me that there are options at every price range. With the boom of online retailers and global availability, shopping for lingerie can cost as much or as little as you like. The quality of lingerie you choose is entirely up to you. Some of you may prefer the experience of shopping at a local retailer or boutique store. Spending a little more for quality lingerie and seeing it before you purchase it might be how you are most comfortable buying lingerie. For others, it may about finding the best-discounted price online. Either way, you like to shop, there are some enjoyment and anticipation that comes along with buying lingerie and boosts sexual desire.
Aside from this list of favourites, there are several other places to shop. Like Amazon for example. The selection of outfits and accessories found on Amazon are second to none. Here you can hunt for the perfect lingerie at the lowest possible price. There are perks like free shipping and returns. And there are also drawbacks like slow shipping times and difficult sizing that comes from retailers overseas. Reading customer reviews about the product you are interested in is your best insight into what you want to buy or not.

Need some help choosing?

To help narrow the field of endless lingerie choices,  we’ve put together an affiliated store called The Fantasy Store. Here you can find a hand-picked selection of lingerie, toys, books, and products which are best suited for role-play and fantasy sex. Clicking on a product from The Fantasy Store will redirect you to an affiliated lingerie retailer, and you can make your purchase directly thru them.  I hope this store can be a helpful source for finding the perfect FANTASY-related merchandise.

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Here are some of our favourite online retailers for Fantasy lingerie:

Eye Kandee Lingerie

This Vancouver-based retail store offers European-style lingerie that is exquisitely sexy.   Like a bottle of fine champagne, this lingerie is a treat worth savouring.

Eye Kandee also has a monthly subscription called CLUB KANDEE.  Two price options are available and there are several perks to being a member of the club.  



Our mission is to offer you, our customers, the best quality items and friendliest shopping experience. We are confident that all our prices are lower than any of our competitors within Canada and we offer FREE shipping on any order above $150 within Canada.


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Fantasy lingerie

This site is a staple choice for anyone shopping for fantasy lingerie. They have a unique selection of Fantasy line lingerie made especially for bedroom roleplay. Wigs, accessories, and shoes are also widely available at a great price. My orders have all arrived usually within a week from purchase. The variety of weekly sales and new arrivals keep me coming back, again and again.

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