Role-Play Scenarios

My mission is to deliver role-play scenarios that build and calibrate both sexual AND emotional connection

These scenarios are delivered in a ten-part series.  Each scenario suggests a fresh new way to play with fantasy and connection.


Our debut FANTASY WEEKEND package starts with an Invitation to a special weekend with your lover.


Will introduce you to role play with a blind date for dinner and reconnect all over again.  Together you write the story of Jon and Maria’s first date.  There’s plenty of giggles and games to keep even the  most nervous couples having fun together

SEDUCTION SATURDAY Madame Clair’s Divine Dime’s

Choose from 10 different call girls to be on show for the wealthy client Jon Lover.   From the roles you discover tonight, you will both develop them into your personal roles as your 10 part FANTASY WEEKEND series continues.

Complete the Fantasy Playbook Series

Fantasy Playbook
Role-play scenario

With this instant download you’ll experience:

  • 20 different sexual fantasy scenarios for role play and connection
  • 10 unique roles
  • sexy positions, foreplay games, lingerie themes and fantasy scenarios
  • 10 unique weekends

One weekend at a time

Fantasy Playbook

You can plan a FANTASY WEEKEND anywhere you like.  Book a fancy hotel room, resort destination, boat cruise or just a local hotel staycation.  The location possibilities for this sexy rendezvous is vast.  So pack your lingerie and makeup, it’s FANTASY FRIDAY and things are getting flirty.  These roles are connecting for the first time and getting to know each other romantically.

The fantasy experiences of client Jon Lover and his call girls are SEDUCTION SATURDAY‘s erotic tour of foreplay and seduction.

Fantasy Playbook

Why FANTASY WEEKENDS will rekindle the flame:

  1. As a couple, you have just made a promise to each other to make a sexy rendezvous.  Your private agenda is a secret that you both share only with each other.  You might find yourselves sharing a giggle or wink from time to time because the thrill of the anticipation feels great and it is a bond that only you two will share.  Making it a very intimate secret.
  2. You both want to be sexy for each other.  Now you have your date set and you have to get ready like it’s prom night all over again.  You will find that exercising together will be much easier and more pleasurable.  Goal-oriented exercise is always a more successful way to train than just a gym routine.  Schedule some time together for a run, gym class, walk or anything that will improve your physical health.  Physical activity creates endorphins, relieves depression and increases libido.  Your daily encouragements and team effort will strengthen the intimate bond.  Bonus time, your busy schedule may only leave time for one shower.  I guess you’ll have to shower together.
  3. Women love surprises.  Most likely you will want some new lingerie.  Sending your partner a secret package in the mail or at the house is fun for both of you.  A beautifully wrapped box with lingerie, a prop, and a short love note is a sure-fire way to boost the anticipation and make her feel special.  If men want a surprise too, buy more lingerie than she needs and let her pick what to wear.
  4. Flirting with your lover is easy again.  A quick e-card saying “I want you”  is great for building romance.
  5. A new line of communication will open up between you as you both begin to reveal your personal desires to each other.  Talking about the weekend and making suggestions together is a new topic with a new vocabulary.  As sexual growth is pushed forward, so will the need to communicate with each other about how they feel.  Couples should treat FANTASY WEEKENDS like it is a “sex toy” for your relationship.  It is up to you to learn to use it together.  Talk about the best way to make it arousing and pleasure one another with it.