Three Sex Fantasy Suggestions For Woman

While a woman might not tell you what really turns her on, chances are, she has already told someone! And whether it is a previous man with whom she had been in a relationship with, or even something as uncertain as a sexual survey, there is a whole list of the most common sexual fantasy common to women. So we are going to cover three of the most frequently mentioned fantasies below.

1. The Submission Sexual Fantasy

Most of the high-powered women secretly desire to feel powerless in most of the sexual scenarios, like most frequently, with the man she truly loves, cherishes and even feels safe with. This is also evident in the majority of high powered males as well; who silently and secretly desire sexual scenarios where they’re the submissive partner especially with a wild woman who takes complete control

2 .The Domination Sexual Fantasy

Of course, this is the opposite of submission fantasy, but it is very common to every kind of woman. Secretaries, housewives, lawyers, doctors, maids and almost every kind of woman has some domination fetish fantasy where they take advantage over their partners in a way that strengthens them and gives them total control of their sexual encounters.
This is very common especially in women who might appear well nurtured or even mild mannered and who unwind by taking total control during sex as well letting their other personality take over.

3. Stranger Sex

This is a scenario where ladies admit to creating elaborate fantasies where their sexual partners are complete strangers who say nothing when having sex. The exchange is usually erotic, energetic and without words. In most of these fantasies, sex does happen in public areas.
One common thing about this sexual fantasy is, most women admit to envisioning their partners as the stranger when having sex. This means that they just experiment and take adventure throughout the process, rather than doing sex with a complete stranger.

Final thoughts

The key thing here is, you can spice up your sex life as well fill your woman’s fantasies just by trying new things and taking chances together to see where they will lead. Most ladies have wild imaginations but want to explore as well as experiment with their partner and not just a stranger. The good news is, if you are in a good relationship right now, the chances are, that kind of person she wants to get wild and experiment with is you.

Written by guest Blogger Michelle Karen

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